student1Why Connect?
  • To disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline
  • To reduce the risk of suspension, involvement with the justice system, poverty, and learning differences
  • To support positive youth outcomes: school motivation, good mental health, lowered rates of substance use and other high risk behaviors
How We Connect

Young people come to us primarily when they are suspended from school or involved in the juvenile justice system.

Boomerang is a safe place in times of challenge and change where young people can get back up and learn new ways to navigate life. Positive, motivational programming allows every young person to:

  • Share their story
  • Receive support
  • Be reminded of their strengths
  • Name their goals
Our Impact
  • 50% of students needing intensive follow up (those with the most severe challenges) demonstrate improved social skills and readiness to make positive change.
  • Over 50% of all students we have served stay connected with us through high school and beyond.
  • 75% of youth feel more connected to their community after participating in Boomerang’s Continuing Connections After School programs.
  • 98% of Boomerang youth commit to long-term goals of improving grades and graduating from high school.
Meeting their needs is an attainable goal

We connect you to vulnerable youth in Orange County. Many of us are unaware of the need and therefore unaware of the opportunity to help. Together we can work on solutions that will have an enduring impact on our youth and community. Your gift will provide young people with:

  • A positive alternative to out-of-school suspension
  • After school programs
  • Brief counseling services
  • Healthy meals
“Boomerang means love and support. That you are not alone in the world and there are people who actually care.”

– Boomerang Student

$1,000 pays for a certified Substance Abuse specialist to educate 20 students for an entire school year about the myths and risks of substance use, and to get help for themselves or a friend.

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