students2Turning Challenges Into Opportunities
  • 60% of students who drop out of high school begin to disengage by 6th grade.

The middle school years are critical in keeping students connected to school and engaged in learning. Starting in 6th grade and through 8th grade, TRANSITIONS works with a cohort of students, providing weekly social-emotional skill building sessions.

We focus on each student’s strengths, help them become accountable, and identify individual attributes they can build on for a more successful future. We accomplish this through highly interactive skill-building exercises, students connect their voice and experiences, and problem-solve as a group.

We help young people build resilience by learning skills for conflict resolution, communication, healthy relationships, self-expression, stress management and personal growth. Students learn because they feel emotionally supported. They engage because we make the content personally relevant to them.

Our Impact
  • 95% of students demonstrate improvement in targeted social and academic skills.
  • 95% of students report an increased understanding of essential life skills.

Student outcomes:

  • increased self-efficacy
  • increased academic success

Rising 6th graders are enrolled each year; priority is given to students of color, first generation college students and low-income families.

Student recruitment is through community partner and school referrals. Consideration will be given to STRIVE students.

Program Components:

In our Transitions work with student participants, we provide:

  • Leadership orientation and regular booster sessions
  • 60-minute group sessions every other week
  • Regular 1:1 check-ins and coaching
I am so thankful my son had this experience. It was exactly what he needed to decompress, catch his breath, and learn skills to function positively at school. The staff made this a great experience for us all. BOOMERANG IS CHANGING LIVES FOR THE BETTER. I am sure my son will be a role model to his peers and family thanks to this program. I am forever grateful to Boomerang.

– Parent

A gift of $500 pays for 4 weeks of social-emotional skill building for one student.