In Their Own Words

We first come to Boomerang not knowing what to expect. We find people who take the time to understand us, to tell us that we matter, and show us that they care.

At Boomerang, we draw a tree representing our hopes and dreams, our goals, our strengths and our challenges. Boomerang helps us see that we can achieve if we believe in ourselves.

We come back to Boomerang, knowing we have a caring place that recognizes we have value, that we are strong, that embraces our individuality and supports us as we work through our problems and towards our goals.

If it wasn’t for Boomerang I would be…still have had a mental breakdown and me and my mother [would] still be beefing…I would have failed last semester and not be here to graduate. So, I am getting out of school now ‘cause of Boomerang.
They actually like support you and you can tell them anything. They make you feel welcome and make you feel like you are needed in this world.
You can definitely go back to Boomerang…they help you with your problems.
I have a positive attitude now. Umm I trust my mom… I trust my sister…I know that my mom will support me with anything I do and I’ll support her in what she does.”
Now I choose my decisions more wisely…about work, my actions…before I used to make a lot of dumb decisions and that[s] why I would always get in trouble, fights…now I don’t make those dumb decisions anymore.
I really didn’t know what was going on with me and they help me realize why I was so aggravated and made me feel better…I was having problems with my mom and [they] helped me and my mom and made me feel comfortable and everything better in my life.

Young people find support at Boomerang even when they are on the right track! Our board member, Quincy McDuffie, shares his journey with Boomerang:

Back in 2013, I needed to complete 25 service learning hours to graduate from East Chapel Hill High School. A good friend brought me to Boomerang, and I didn’t think much of it starting out, but after completing my hours there, I knew I would stay connected with them. What I did not know is how soon I would see them next. The day I graduated happened to be the day. They came out to cheer me on, and my appreciation for their support and care grew immensely. I stayed connected to Boomerang since then, both as a program participant after school and a volunteer. When I was presented with the opportunity to become a board member, I did not hesitate to accept the role. And now that I am officially a part of Boomerang, I finally feel like I can give back in a meaningful way.

A poem by a Boomerang Student:

What Can You See?

When you look at me
What can you see?
Do you see the success
Through all my mess?
Is that all you see,
The part that is not me?
Or can you see what they see?
They do not see me through all the wrong.
They make me see the
Why I am so strong.
Give me a break
For my adolescent mistake
And make me a believer
That I can be a high achiever.
So tell me
When you look at me,
What can you see?