Meet the Bounce Back Team

Director of Programs

Tova Hairston

As a longtime advocate for teens, I am thrilled to lead Bounce Back, Boomerang’s after school program, as Program Director!  I think that brave out-of-school spaces are critical for adolescents to build the skills, resilience and connections they need to dream their wildest dreams, and to begin the work to realize those dreams.  The trajectory of my own life has been deeply and positively impacted by high quality, grassroots community-based programs during my formative adolescent years, and am honored to be a part of that important, transformational work in service to teens here in Orange County.

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Site Director

Safiyyah Elahi

I am elated to serve as Bounce Back’s Site Director! I believe that every young person has unique strengths and talents that should be nurtured and celebrated. That’s why I strive to create a safe and inclusive environment where youth feel empowered to explore their interests and take on new challenges

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is seeing the positive impact that our programs have on the lives of young people. Whether it’s helping them improve their grades, build meaningful relationships, or develop important life skills, I am constantly inspired by the resilience and creativity of the youth we serve.

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Family and Community Engagement Coordinator

Kes Sarmiento-Fitzgerald

It is a great honor to work as a full-time staff member for Boomerang Youth. I love engaging with our students and getting to know their families. One of my greatest joys is being able to bring people together to create positive experiences and change. As someone with a deep love for my community and a background in branding and marketing, I am excited to be the new Family and Community Engagement Coordinator.

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Student and Administrative Coordinator

Aysha Castro

I am a mom of two small boys originally from FL. While visiting a friend in NC, I fell in love with the state and BOOM, my life changed. I convinced my family that I want to raise my kids here and that is exactly what we are doing. Within Boomerang Youth I look forward to learning and experiencing a different side to mentoring/teaching. I hope to encourage students to pursue their goals no matter what and to be great to them. What I love about Boomerang is being able to make a difference in their lives or in their way of thinking.